August 19, 2010


Paul Tebbel presents Tim with the award--a specially engraved paddle!

On October 8, Tim Palmer received the "Mark Dubois Award" from the statewide river conservation group Friends of the River.

Each year Friends of the River honors one individual whose work recalls the spirit that Mark Dubois infused into the organization with his efforts to save the Stanislaus River. The award recognizes individuals who have taken a leading role in furthering river conservation in California. 

Here's what Friends of the River says about Tim and his work:

Tim Palmer has been a longtime friend and ally of FOR and California rivers. Paddler Magazine has named Tim one of the ten greatest river conservationists of our time. He is the author of 20 books about the American landscape, conservation, travel – and especially rivers.  His first book, Stanislaus: The Struggle for a River is the story of the fight to save the Stan that resulted in the founding of FOR.  His newest book, Rivers of California is coming out this fall.  Tim has given over three decades of his life to bringing the beauty and wildness of rivers, especially California’s, to people throughout the country.